Terms and Conditions

We have very simple Terms and Conditions to be followed from our website as given below. Members who joins can read carefully to know the same.

1. This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme to earn more easily without doing anything.

2. The Membership fees you pay is 100% Cash back after your First time Login.It will credited to your Copy Pasting Account,after you complete the threshold amount of Rs3000 you will be paid fully. So there is no worry to join by paying.

3. Earnings shown in website are other members earned, this does not gurantees that all the members will earn the same. It is the ability and skill of the own person who do the work as part time

4. There is no any fixed salary paid for the members and will not pay for Internet for the members who do the work.

5. The work is purely an part time job, and not committed for full time work.

6. The joining fees Rs750 paid is non refundable, will be used for all marketing, processing, courier, support given, links verification, email support.

7. Member Account once activated will not be transferred to others.

8. Read our FAQ also to know more information.

9. The links posted by members are being verified maximum within 3-4 days once, and link posting section will be blocked at any time without prior information to members, holiday period, if any problem for server, manpower shortage for link verification for this reasons also can be blocked.

10. The Ad posted by member should contain Ad title,Ad description, website name, if any one missed the ad approval will be rejected.

11. Easy understadable step by step instruction given inside login and more details given inside our membership package. If not understand, email us we will support the same.

12. From many classifieds, verification link will be sent to your mail, need to activate then the ad will be displayed, failing to verify the ad will be rejected.

13. While submitting the links in your member area you have to give the proper Ad Reference number. Links submitted with wrong Ad Reference number will be deleted. It will be explained with Member Area demo. Ad reference number will be in your "Ad Content list"

14. Minimum 10days gap should be left to post in same classified ad, if posted the ad will be rejected.

15. Member should not follow any tricks and easy methods to post maximum number of ads, it will be detected from our website, if found account will be terminated without any information.

16. Copy Pasting Jobs have full rights to terminate an account without any information and the reason also cannot be disclosed.

18. Presently we pay Rs3 per Ad posted, amount can be changed at any time without information to memberes. All the members who joins treated as same without partiality

18. Work given to individual member should not be out sourced to any third party.

19. In same identity if member founds more than one member login (same address, same phone no, mulitiple member logins in same family) will be terminated without any information and the earnigns will not be paid.

20. There is no any referral concept or MLM or Pyramid type of biz involved in this website. Nothing to buy or sell some product to anybody.

21. Payments will be paid every 10th to 15th of every month, if not paid for particular member cann approach us for clarification.

22. After receiving th bank account details we transfer online or we pay or deposit through cheque. If any bank details given wrong we are not responsible for the amount after paid.

23. All above Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time without any information.